10 Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

A lot of couples make the mistake of thinking that a DJ is just a DJ. That's a common misconception since so many DJs simply present themselves as a pair of speakers and a laptop. Of course, the truth is that hiring a wedding DJ that matches the style you're looking for is a decision that requires a little bit of thought. Researching your DJ online and asking the right questions is just one way to make sure that you get the right DJ for your wedding. I recently came across a list of 10 questions that Wedding Wire suggests you ask your DJ.  First, Wedding Wire suggests that you check out your DJ's reviews online. You can find ours at MintDJ.Reviews

Now, let's answer those questions!

1. How would you describe your style?

At Mint, we're experienced DJs and I'd best describe our style as "chameleon-like". What that means is that our personal experiences allow us to be pretty diverse, both musically and in how we present ourselves at weddings. We're not overly cheesy or over the top in our presentation. We've all got strong backgrounds in modern nightlife events which gives us the ability to seamlessly mix across genres. I'd also say that we're energetic, but that doesn't mean we're on the microphone too much. We ask a lot of questions prior to the weddings we perform at to get a feel for the music and style our clients are looking to present.

2. How do you work with couples to determine a playlist?

This one is easy. First, we never walk into a wedding with a pre-made playlist. Second, we offer an online planning portal that we've branded as #MyMint. Our online planning area allows couples to select "must play" and "do not play" songs. Our online planning area also allows couples to narrow down their music by selecting what genres and styles they love and hate.

The day of the wedding we use the music that couples have selected and put them into an order that builds energy appropriately and we also read the crowd to keep guests engaged and on the dance floor.

3. What are your favorite first dance songs?

As far as first dance songs, we do have a rotating selection of personal favorites that vary from year to year, and we'd be glad to help select some; At the same time, your first dance is so significant and important that we'd rather ask the right questions to find to best song that matches your personal tastes and style.

4. Have you ever played at my reception venue before?

If you're planning a wedding in the State College or Central Pennsylvania areas chances are, yes. (You can find a complete list of venues we've performed at here)

We do like adventure and love to travel, so playing at new venues is always exciting for us. When we are booked to play at a venue for the first time we always make it a point to chat with the coordinator at that specific venue to get a feel for the layout of the room and plan accordingly for set-up times and any special circumstances to make sure we're prepared before the big day.

5. How extensive is your music library?

In the "old days" this question was tougher to answer. In the digital age, it's easy. Our music library is large, diverse and 100% legal. In addition, with online planning we guarantee that we'll have all of your pre-selected music and be able to adjust the music to adapt to what your guests are responding to.

6. What type of equipment do you use?

The answer that most couples want to hear is that we use top of the line, industry standard equipment that is presented cleanly. (There's nothing uglier than nests of wires and gear that's in poor condition, especially when couples put so much thought into the decor of their wedding.)

If you're looking for a detailed answer, here goes:

We use Pioneer DJ Controllers, CDJs or Technics turntables that run through a computer program called "Serato DJ". This allows us to mix in a style that matches the best DJ's in world. For speakers we use self-powered JBL or QSC brand (clean, concert quality professional sound played at appropriate volumes). For microphones we use both Line 6 & Audio-Technica 3000 series. Our lighting is updated yearly and presented neatly. All of this easily fits on a 6" table and takes up a small footprint.

7. What does setup and breakdown entail?

One of the first questions we ask when contracting a wedding is when you expect your guests to arrive. We ask that question so that we can set-up at least one hour before.

8. Do you have a demo or a recording of a wedding you’ve done in the past that I can see?

A lot of couples that book Mint have seen us in action and honestly, that's one of the greatest compliments we can be bestowed. We're working on putting together a huge collection of video from our weddings and we also have a ton of mixes on our Mixcloud. Of course, a pre-recorded mix from another wedding might not match the style you're going for, but it does showcase the fact that we can mix and put together a great music experience for you.

9. Do you work with an assistant or second DJ?

Mint is a collective of the areas most talented DJs with experience across many different types of events. Of course, we do also have a team of assistants and lighting techs to help out with coordination and setup.

10. Do you offer any other services?

Yes. Mint is proud to offer uplighting & lighting design - all fully customized for your wedding. With that being said, we're proud of the fact that we don't offer certain things that might distract from what we truly are, talented DJs with a 100% focus on the soundtrack for your wedding.