Welcome to our brand new website

Warning: Nerd Talk Ahead

We're super-proud to have officially launched our brand new website! If you've previously visited our site you'll notice that the new site hasn't changed much visually. There are slight differences here and there, but the biggest thing you'll notice is the site is much faster and that we're adding new features. The coolest new feature you'll notice immediately is our #RealWeddings Instagram feed as well as our Real Weddings blogs where we highlight quite a few of the weddings that we've performed at.

Notice: Some Things Might Be Broken

Some of our older blog posts may be or appear to be broken and not formatted correctly. We apologize for that. We're working on getting those pages fixed ASAP.

We hope you enjoy our new website. Take a look around, read the stories, watch our videos, listen to our mixes and get inspired by our photos - but most importantly, reach out to us! we'd love to chat!