A DJ is just music, right? Here's what makes us different.

We hear it all the time.

"I just need someone to play some music at my wedding."


By definition, yes, a DJ is someone that plays music.

However, a great wedding DJ talent does so much more. Here's a list of some of the things we do both at weddings and leading up to weddings that truly separate us from other DJ companies in the Central PA area, and the reasons why we do them.

  • You don't get a random DJ that just shows up at your weddng. A lot of our couples have seen us perform at weddings, nightlife and social engagements and request a specific DJ when they check our availability. We're always more than happy to arrange a specific DJ booking. In the case that you just stumbled upon us randomly, we let you know who is available and once you've locked in a DJ - you get to work with that talent from the start.

    Why is this important? Because having a random "DJ" just show up at your wedding is awkward. We like to build positive relationships with our couples before we even show up. More or less, knowing your DJ helps put you at ease and gives you peace of mind.

  • We are a full time company. Imagine coming up with a question for your DJ and sending an email only to sit there waiting days for a reply. Imagine calling and leaving a voicemail and getting a call back a week later. DJing and putting together amazing events is what we do for a living. It's all we do, and we always reply to any and all correspondence as soon as humanly possible. Since we're full time, we're also available to meet, anytime, before your wedding.

    Why is this important? Because your event is always the most important thing we have going on. Having an other career with overtime, deadlines, projects and stresses won't deliver the best results for your wedding.

  • We have an EXCLUSIVE online planning tool, #MyMint, that makes planning your wedding reception FUN. As an estimate, close to 75% of the weddings we book are with couples that aren't local to the State College & Central PA area. Since we're located in the heart of Happy Valley a lot of our couples had met at Penn State and are planning their big day remotely. #MyMint online planning tools will walk you through your reception and help you piece together the music for all our your big day's special moments.

    Why is this important? We admit, our planning system IS NOT a replacement for an awesome full time wedding planner (see: B Events | H&K Weddings) but it will help give you a sense of what we'll cover at your wedding - from the cocktail hour to the grand entrance, first dance, music you love and hate and beyond. You can check out an online video walkthrough here.

  • We meet with you two to three weeks before your wedding to go over the details. Our online planner is cool, but sometimes you just need that real, face-to-face (or Skype) interaction before your wedding. At our meeting you meet with your DJ to chat and go over all the details for your reception.

    Why is this important? This meeting is crucial. Whether it's by phone, Skype or in-person this meeting allows us to piece together a timeline for your wedding as well as a script for the grand entrance of the wedding party. We'll talk about lighting, music you love and hate, we'll cover everything.

  • We reach out to and communicate with your venue & other key vendors before the wedding. We love our State College & Central Pennsylvania wedding vendor friends. There's a pretty good chance we're friends with the venue manager, photographer & other awesome people you've selected to represent your vision on your big day. We always reach out to see if they need anything from us and to share anything we might need from them. We'll always check in to let the venue know our arrival time for setup.

    Why is this important? It's just a great example of professionalism and respect for other wedding vendors, plus when the people who work together know one another and get along, GREAT things happen :-)

  • We share our detailed planner & timeline with you. Surprises are cool, yes. But you'll want to know what's in store for your big day. Our detailed timeline lays out the order of events and estimated timelines for your reception's formalities such as entrance, first dance & more. We'll be sure to leave the fun surprises for the dancing.

    Why is this important? Again, it's just a showcase of our dedication towards professionalism and attention to detail.

  • We prepare and gather all of the essential music for your wedding before we arrive. We typically prep music for weddings a week in advance. This allows us to get all of your important must play songs in legal, high quality format.

    Why is this important? We've heard horror stories of DJs gathering music the morning of someone's wedding or even by using a venues WiFi and not being able to get important songs like a first dance song.

  • We show up early and are always fully setup by the time your guests arrive. While communicating with your during planning we ask when guests are scheduled to arrive and map out a time to load in and set up (typically 2 hours before your first guest arrives).

    Why is this important? Nothing screams disrespect and unprofessionalism than a DJ carrying heavy professional gear through a crowd of guests. 

  • We review timelines and itineraries with your venue's manager. We've already done this prior to the wedding, but we check in one more time with the venue's point of contact just to make sure we're on the same page.Why is this important? The timeline and flow of your reception two of the most important pieces that contribute towards the vibe and success of your party. It's a science and we work hard to do our part to contribute to that success.
  • We prep and keep you informed of when we'll be doing things. We double check with you in a very non-obtrusive manner before each of your formalities, we line up your wedding party and go over names one last time before introducing, we make sure that your parents are near the dance floor for father & daughter dances. We prep your maid of honor and best man on microphone techniques before speeches & toasts.

    Why is this important? No one likes to get caught off guard, especially on the most special day of your life. We take on the role of wedding event directors to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

  • We speak clearly and can command a crowd's attention on the microphone WITHOUT being overbearing. A microphone is a powerful tool. Put it in the right hands and the energy of an audience can be amplified 1,000x. Speaking with the right inflection for announcements and introductions of formalities is essential. Put that same microphone in the wrong hands and it can be a disaster with garbled speech and over-the-top cheesiness. We understand that balance and will never outstay our welcome by talking too much.

    Why is this important? Because there's a certain point where you and your guests just want to dance to their favorite songs surrounded by your favorite people. Your DJ shouldn't be the center of attention (don't worry, EVERYONE will tell you how amazing your DJ was because of the way they mixed the music).

  • We read crowds and mix music. When it comes to rocking a party, we get it. We're chameleon-like in our ability to read all different types of crowds and adapt accordingly. We take your must play songs and mix them in with other songs your guests will love. We never play songs that are on your do not play list. Music is mixed cleanly and seamlessly in a manner that's designed to keep the energy high and your guests on the dance floor. This is where we excel.

    Why is this important? This is so important because a DJ is not just a DJ. A DJ is a talent and not just some random dude with music playing through iTunes. We're able to mix music together without seconds upon seconds of "dead air" in between songs. We also NEVER use a pre-set playlist, no two weddings are exactly alike and we understand that.

These are just SOME of the things we do when we're booked for a wedding, but there's so much more that goes into it. Feel free to browse our site and check out exactly why we're different than the other guys.