Believe the Hype?

At Mint DJ Events, we've got a slogan that we use a lot. "Believe The Hype"

It's on our t-shirts, in our advertising and it's even all over this very website. But what does it mean? The meaning is quite simple. We want you to believe the hype surrounding Mint DJ Events.

What is the hype?

The hype is that we're real DJs, with real experience, real passion, and real talent . We're not just guys showing up with a laptop and playing music from a playlist. We mix music seamlessly, we read crowds and adjust music on the fly to create amazing dance floor moments that can't be pre-planned. If a certain song or style of music is working in the moment, we'll hang with it. If a certain song or style of music isn't working we'll mix out and determine what will work.

We also take great care in presenting ourselves and the way we set our equipment up at events. We understand that private event design and the aesthetic of a room and venue is something that our clients care deeply about, so why should a DJ's setup be allowed to look terrible? Our equipment is professionally cased and presented with all of our wires and cables neatly organized and in most cases hidden from public view. We take up a small footprint and we dress stylishly for the occasion - whatever occasion.

A huge part of our "Believe The Hype" slogan is showing what we aren't. We aren't cheesy or over the top. We're strong on the microphone when we need to be, but we never outstay our welcome. We don't tell cheesy jokes and we don't swear (on the microphone at least). We also stick with what we're great at - being DJs. We don't rent photo booths or hand out inflatable guitars and props at events, we don't do karaoke. We'd rather stick with being great DJs that offer tasteful & creative event lighting design.

To recap, you should "Believe The Hype" because:

  • We're real DJs with a focus on talent.
  • We're personally invested in the success of your event, our business depends on it,
  • We're stylish and present ourselves and our equipment neatly.
  • We're not cheesy, we take a boutique approach towards modern entertainment with a concierge level of customer service.

A few more reasons: