Our Top Five Business Fundamentals

Here at Mint DJ Events, we’re often so event focused that we fail to share some of our fundamentals and business philosophies with our clients. Recently, a business partner of ours shared some of the things he’s learned from his experiences as a leader which caused us to think about our experiences, and what the top five principles were that we believe create a successful DJ business.

1. Delivering a consistent A+ experience.

A true no-brainer. Being able to deliver a great client experience on a consistent basis will lead to an enthusiastic, fanatic client base who trust in your skillset and are excited to spread the word to potential future clients.

2. Create a team.

I’ve never liked calling a staff “family”, I’ve always preferred the term “team”. A team is a chosen group that relentlessly works toward the same goal. The team should be built on the basis of respect and a desire to elevate themselves and the company to be the best it can be. You can bring new players to a team and you can let go of underperformers or members that aren’t on the same page as you. It’s not so easy letting go of a family member.

3. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

At Mint, we’re just about as musically diverse and adaptable as any group of DJs you’ll meet. We strive at taking direction and executing amazing events. However, we aren’t karaoke DJ’s and we don’t offer photobooths. Our specialty is quite simply the most talented team of DJs you’ll find just about anywhere along with helping design event lighting. Modern entertainment without the cheese.

4. Listen and learn.

We’re experts in our craft, but we’re not perfect. Our team is constantly learning, and most of that learning is done by listening. Listening to clients and their visions; along with real-time listening to our crowds at events. Listening allows us to get better every time we perform. Another great way to listen is to take as many meetings and answer as many phone calls as possible. We might not be a perfect fit for every client seeking a DJ, but by listening and speaking with prospects and colleagues, we can learn more about our market.

5. Never grow tired of the basics.

This ties into #3, but it’s too important to skip. Far too often DJs forget why they fell in love with their craft. The basics of DJing are 1) being able to select great music for the crowd they’re playing for and 2) playing that music in an order that builds excitement and keeps people dancing. Far too often you’ll find DJs that never master the basics but move on to other things such as dramatic event lighting, photobooth rentals, inflatable bounce house rentals, etc. You can have all the fancy lights in the world, but without the perfect soundtrack, it’s useless.

6. (Bonus) Compete only with yourself.

This one is a bonus in that it’s an essential, but I couldn’t squeeze it in to the top five. Far too often I meet with managers and business owners who are obsessed with their competition, unhealthily, to the point that their only goal is to either constantly “one-up” them, or put them out of business. As a business leader you should focus on the items I’ve listed above. Of course you need to be aware of your competition, their pricing, their strengths and their weaknesses - but instead of asking yourself and your team what you can do to put your competition out of business,  you should be asking “If I were my competitor, what would I do to put MY COMPANY out of business?” Asking this question allows you to focus on self-improvement, instead of self destruction.


This is by no means a complete list, as I always strive to adapt and improve my business, it’s processes  and it’s events. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below!


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